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Our guarantee

Enroll in one of our small classroom courses and your score will increase dramatically.
We guarantee it.
To prove our dedication to quality test preparation, we offer a completely risk-free, cost-free introductory session.

Our GRE students average a 220-point improvement out of 1600.
Our GMAT students average a 120-point improvement out of 800.
Our LSAT students average an 9-point improvement out of 180.
Our SAT students average a 100-point improvement on EVERY SECTION of the exam.

But you're going to have to work.
Attend all your classes. Do all your homework. Take all your exams.
If you're not satisfied with your performance, we'll work with you until you are. No charge.*

*Applies to classroom course and 17-hour private tutoring packages only. Offer valid for six months after the completion date of your original course. Guarantee only allows student to take the multi-student classroom course again at no additional charge.


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