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Scott Boeding. GMAT improvement: +140
"They were about half the price of Princeton or Kaplan. My teacher did a great job explaining everything, and they weren't kidding when they said the materials and course were comprehensive. There were absolutely no surprises when I took the real GMAT."

Maeve Thomas. SAT improvement: +100R, +160W, +190Q
"Thank you so much! As you can probably tell from my scores, I am ecstatic! I couldn't believe how many of your vocabulary words I saw on the SAT, and how many of the math questions looked almost exactly like ones we had in class. I will definitely recommend Gorilla Test Prep to my friends and my brother."

Greg Sklar. LSAT improvement: +13
"The LSAT. I needed 10 more points with seven weeks to the test. Gorilla Test Prep got me up 13 points. Did I mention that I saved enough money by switching from the Princeton Review to pay rent for the entire duration of my lessons?"

Marni Pickins. GRE improvement: +110V, +230Q
"If you want the maximum GRE score with the minimum time and monetary investment, use Gorilla Test Prep. These guys will help you find the genius within."

Peter Holben. GMAT improvement: +170
"A gorilla-sized thank you for helping me prepare for the GMAT! The course not only refreshed my English and math skills, but also taught me how to out-think the problems. You taught me the test maker's logic behind the construction of the questions. This is essential in order to define the underlying concepts and solve the question quickly. I am thoroughly satisfied with the class."

Natasha Hansen. SAT improvement: +130R, +110W, +170Q
"I learned a lot from my Gorilla Test Prep course with David Younghans. My tutor had a good sense of humor and tremendous patience. Whether because of the strategies, or just the overall change in mindset that was fostered by the course, my score improved dramatically and I was accepted into Smith, my top choice college."

Brenda Clarke. GMAT improvement: +160
"Really fun and small classes, more practice tests than I knew what to do with, and a great teacher."

Thea. GRE improvement: +120V, +210Q
"I am truly shocked, stunned, and amazed at the results I achieved with Gorilla Test Prep. The instructors are so knowledgeable and confident in their abilities that it is contagious! I would definitely recommend them to anyone preparing for the GRE."

Christina Goehrig. GMAT improvement: +170
"I researched a lot of test prep courses. Gorilla Test Prep offered
everything I wanted and was a great price. I wondered if it was too good to
be true, so I decided to check out the first class (which was free!). I was
really impressed with the materials, the small class size and especially the
teacher's knowlege of the test. I signed on for the course and improved my
score by more than I ever imagined possible."


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